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Hoots from the Past
By Kathrin Segal
Back in the day, people did keep notes about each hoot they led. Some hoot leaders were very detailed (I recall Bob Hall and Renata Decher taking a lot of notes!) and these were printed in the next Bard Chord issue.  Here are a few from 2003 and 2005…
Election Time!
Dear Songmakers  – – –
It is that time of year again when we go beating the bushes looking for members who are ready and able to support our club. Elections for board members will happen in January. So, we are looking for Songmakers to run for election. Duties are very basic. Attend 4 zoom meetings a year that last approximately 2-3 hours. Help to steer the club in the direction you want through discussion and votes. 
Please email your candidacy to no later than January 15th.
Thank you.


Review of Music in the Mountains
November  3-6, 2022
By  Janice Gelencser

This year’s Music in the Mountains at deBenniville Pines was a big success.  Though the attendance was smaller than usual, there was a coziness to being together in the crisp autumn air.  Snow had fallen the day before and remained on the ground for the weekend which added to the beauty of the camp and its surroundings.  There were plenty of opportunities for impromptu jamming, relaxing by the large hearth in the lodge and catching up with old friends while meeting new ones.  The food was delicious and the cabins were warm and comfortable.

Our headliner, Larry Wilder, opened for both the Friday and Saturday evening concerts.  His vibrant and friendly personality is contagious which made the attendees happy they came.  Larry also gave two workshops which were well received.  His songs and stories session, told of how Americana music tied into events in our history.  His yodeling workshop gave the attendees some basics of how to yodel.    

left: Headliner Larry Wilder on guitar


A big thank you is in order to the Songmaker workshop leaders who volunteered their time and talents to make this another memorable weekend.  Louise Dobbs led an all purpose sing-along and provided songbooks for the singers.   Carol Burton gave us interesting stories about Leonard Cohen and his songs.  Bob DeVillle (pictured at left) led a workshop about Bob Dylan and his music. Joan Greenwald, although not a Songmaker, is a regular attendee at MITM who led a basic sight reading workshop.  Oram Miller, another regular attendee at MITM, led a choral workshop (pictured at right) and performed the song at the evening concert.  

There were two evening concerts.  Friday’s concert featured the workshop leaders and committee members with the Julia Collins as our emcee.   Saturday’s concert featured the attendees with Ron Bloom taking the role as emcee.  The Songmaker’s sound system was used for both concerts.  Thank you to Andy Gelencser for housing our sound system and transporting the equipment to deBenniville. 



Above l-r: Janice Gelenscer, Ron Bloom and Carol Schryver and Karl Lisovsky


Sunday morning brought two simultaneous “Songs of Meanings” sessions which allowed time for attendees to have more than one turn to share their songs.


Committee members who planned this year’s Music in the Mountains are Janice Gelencser, Doug Kerr, Linda Szitkar, Mary Hendricks, Bob DeVille, Carol Burton, Julia Collins and Steve Berman, our Songmakers President.







Stagecoach Inn

There is a Songcircle held on the 4th Saturday of Each Month.  Check the calendar for further details.


March 2022 Songcircle in the Heritage Oak Grove

Kenney Grove June 2022

Our campouts at Kenney Grove in Fillmore have been well attended this year. In addition to the overnight Songmaker campers, many members “day trip” just for the day on Saturdays. 



It isn’t always about playing music and staying in the campground.  Many members went to Santa Paula for an evening car show and to hear Greg Lannar’s band perform.  A few members bring their bikes along and there is a great store with antiques and old-time items to visit in Fillmore.


Janice Gelencser biked to the nearby tennis courts to hit balls.



A sampling of items at the local downtown Fillmore antique store 





Greg Lannar’s band performed downtown at the car show in Santa Paula.


Photos from Kenney Grove Campout, Oct 2022

Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Festival 2022 

Photos by Chuck Behrman

Article by Louise Dobbs

The 2022 60th Topanga Festival by Louise Dobbs

Songmakers 2022 Roundup

This was held via zoom on February 26, 2022.

Some of our board members performed Sing With Me, by John Zipperer at the event.  Songmakers appearing in the video are Doug Kerr, Linda Szitkar, Janice Galencser, Louise Dobbs, Sally Charette, Dana Charette, Steve Berman and Sandy Lessner. Thanks go to Doug Kerr for producing this video.