Songmakers Gear For Sale

Songmakers Gear is Available on Café Press

At the request of the Songmakers Board, longtime member Jean Pickard has created a Café Press shop where we can order Songmakers gear! She put our logo on a variety of tee-shirt styles and sweatshirts in various colors, drink-ware, mouse pads, bumper stickers, license plate frames, and more! Be sure and click on each of the categories to reveal all the available items. (Don’t miss the aprons and water bottles!)

The Songmakers shop on Café Press is located here:

The Café Press format means that we can each place our own order for Songmakers logo clothing, etc and have it shipped to our homes. Orders are printed on demand, eliminating the need for an individual to have items printed and then hope to sell the specific sizes they have on hand. Café Press has a good reputation and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

See you in your Songmakers gear soon! Thanks to Jean for her hard work in setting up this shop!