2022 Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Folk Festival

Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest – May 15, 2022 by Louise Dobbs

The Contest has published the main stage entertainment videos and the contestant videos from the contest.  They can be viewed here:  
Songmakers had a very successful and fun day at Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest on Sunday, May 15.
First off, let’s congratulate our members who participated as contestants!
  • Bill Dempsey took 2nd place in Intermediate Finger Style Guitar!
  • Mary Zangerle took 3rd place in Intermediate Mandolin!
Please let me know if there is any other Songmaker that I am not aware of that was part of the contest!
And now, many, many thanks to our wonderful songleaders:  David Steinhart, started us off with very able singing and Ukelele playing!;  Robert Fisher, our hot new Board member and performer; Bill Dempsey, a seasoned performer included us all in his able song sharing and leading;   Janice Gelencser, the funnest girl-woman I know,  Jim Friery added on at the 11th hour–a very competent and talented performer;  Linnea Richards, a soulful and dedicated songleader and hoot host, and last but not least: our dedicated and tireless President Steve Berman and First Lady Sandy Lessner, our super leadership power couple on hand to lead and inspire!  Sam and Percy stopped by in their great old west costumes, so did singer extraordinaire Gigi Johnson, David Naditch, and my good friend Eric Leach.
Also joining our fun with great songs and comradery was Alan and Gail Stillson, Tom Graham, Ken Krupnick, Stan Weinstock (hot solos, Stan!), Andy Gelencser, Chuck Behrman, Eliza Hale and John.  One of our newest Songmakers, Nadean Dyer, was there adding great harmonies and her warm presence. Alan, thanks for that rousing version of  “Down by the Riverside” and all the other songs! Thanks, Abram Antler for helping setting up!
Cathy Parsa and Jim were also sharing our shade and club spirit.
We handed out an estimate of 60 flyers to people who stopped by to add a song or a harmony. 
We owe many thanks to our President Steve Berman who inspired our club to be there at all! He secured the booth location with the TBFC Coordinators and coordinated all those logistics. He and Sandy did long volunteer stints at the festival, so did Linnea, (and possibly others I don’t know about!). 
And thanks to Mary Zangerle for making it possible to include David Steinhart and Jim Friery as songleaders!
A HUGE shout out and thanks to Andy and Janice Gelencser. Andy purchased the pop-ups (shaded awnings) and set them up with Janice’s able assistance! Andy always goes the extra mile to make sure everything is as good as it can be, and everyone has what they need.  He just keeps working until everything is right !!  Janice and Andy are a power couple for sure!    
A big thank you to those who helped strike down our “stage:” It is really true that “many hands make light work:”  Andy and Janice, Allen and Gail Stillson, Steve Berman, Sandy Lessner, and Linnea Richards. It took us about 35 minutes.
I apologize, in advance, for anyone I missed! Let me know!
Thanks, and be well.

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