Tulare Marx



In Jan 2019,  we received news that Tulare Marx is deceased.  

Memories from Jim St. Ours:

The first time I met Tulare it was through the common bond of music. It was at a Kenny Grove camp out several years ago. We struck up a conversation and began dating shortly after that. This picture of Tulare with her guitar is my favorite one. It was taken before we met but I think it captures her joy of life, music, her smile and personable nature which is why everyone who knew her loved her.

She was also a singer/songwriter and we worked on many songs together to perform at Songmakers functions. One of her goals was realized when she was able to make her own CD with 12 of her original songs. Her song, “Love Pulls You Through” is the title track. Her CD also contains what I believe was her most requested song, “Zion”, and everyone would sing along. The song was about the camping trips she and her family took to Zion National Park.

Tulare and I also took many road trips together ranging from Julian in the South to Alaska in the north and several places in between like New Mexico, Colorado and Washington.

Like all of us who knew her I miss my sweet friend and traveling companion singin’ and ridin’ shotgun.


Here are the words to Kate’s Song that Tulare wrote about Kate Wolf, using some of Kate’s song titles.  She and many Songmaker members would attend the Kate Wolf Festival once a year together. 

Tulare Marx

INTRO: G vamp (1 measure)

       G                                                            C                      G
It amazes me how little known was a spirit great as she
         C                              G                            A7.                      D
And all the songs she wrote about life’s trials and mysteries
            G                                                  C                                 G
Every feeling that she ever felt or thought that she had had
       C                             G                                      D                       G
Is there among the words she wrote, some happy, others sad

         C                                                                     G
She sang her songs of slender threads and green eyes that shine
           C                G                          A7                      D
She sang about Old Jerome and life in another time
           G                                              C                                G
She sang of Brother Warrior and hawks circling the skies
    C                               G                      D                          G
Friends all gathered ‘round and across the great divide

She told us stories of emeralds and the streets of Calgary
She explained that everybody’s looking for the same thing
We heard how precious friendships bloom just like the trumpet vine
Mountain lakes heal their haunted hearts living by the Oceanside

The golden hills of California is where she felt most at home
It’s a land that she loved, and forever there she’ll roam
She gave her heart and soul to all, most of us she never knew
Her spirit is among us now, she’s looking back at you


Her life was oh, so very short, she passed before her time
Not all is lost, love still remains in her lyrics and the rhymes
The legacy she left us is so very clear to see
Life is here for us to give, and love’s the sacred key

We knew Kate through her music, our souls are one with she
She rises like the dolphin in the sea of humanity
Her life is like a picture puzzle for anyone to see
Piece by piece she gave her all, and the music set her free

                    C                               G         D                  G
TAG: Yes, when we sing her songs, Kate is still alive

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