Michael Wittlin

Songmaker Michael S. Wittlin passed away the evening of May 19, 2020 with his family by his side. He, and his with Anne, had hosted Bell Arts Songmakers Hoot for ten years. Michael always looked forward to the gatherings, the great music, and the many friends he made. His family hopes Songmakers will remember Mike fondly every time Peter, Paul, and Mary songs are played. He would have loved to strum along.

The pictures below were taken around 2016. at Michaels monthly Bell Arts Hoot in Ventura.  (Please email webmaster@songmakers.org of the identities of the songmakers in the pictures below)

l-r: Row 1: Steve Berman, Michael Wittlin, Michael ? Row 2: Bob Martin, ?, Lanie Keener, Claudia Tolmie, Jim Tolmie, Shirley Brown, Bill Brown


l-r: Bill Brown, Mike who hosted Ventura Pizza hoot, Michael ?, David Steinhart, Claudia Tolmie, Jim Tolmie and Michael Wittlin on the right

l-r: Eric Leech, Mike Zangerle, Eddie Klein, Claude Klein, Shirley Brown, Bill Brown

l-r: Mary Zangerle, ?, Russ Lyons, Lani Keener