Winifred S. Davis, MA, Ed. S. winniethepooh182@yahoo.com

Her many years of teaching voice and acting has put her in the position of experience and knowledge.Her technique encompasses one of the most important aspects of singing.

Motivation is provided to those who love to SING! Call 818-880-8178.

Marc Schwartz has a guitar instructional website and YouTube channel.
The links to get to his free video lessons are:
Blog: http://www.daphnedog.net/category/blog/

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsyiCdruIWsziE2m684Izfw

All the social links are on the website http://www.daphnedog.net/.

Email: marc@schwartzworld.com
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Fiddle lessons in Ojai with Charletta Erb
805-613-7668 or charfiddle.com
Performer Instructor Fiddle, Guitar and Vocals
Folk | Irish | English | Bluegrass | Old Time | Improvisation