For Auction: 
1976 Dobro Bicentennial Edition round neck guitar “set up” for laptop performing. It is in good condition with minor small dings and scratches with some varnish cracking on the front side due to cold weather storage but does not seem to effect the sound quality. It has a strip of binding missing at the very top of the headstock but it’s available in the guitar case for a professional to repair it. It actually has a great deep full bodied tone. No internal pickup. It’s a round neck version instead of square.
This dobro belonged to Songmaker Hal Lynch and he willed it to another Songmaker when he passed away.  That member is no longer playing it and has donated it to Songmakers to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to our Songmakers’ organization.
The Dobro guitar is designed to be played on your lap using a slide because of the higher nut configuaration that lifts the string higher off the neck like a pedal steel guitar. Tuning is usually in G but the guitar can be reset for standard tuning at an estimated cost of $150 after its been purchased.
I’ll make the Dobro available for anyone to look at it or play it here at my home in Thousand Oaks mostly during the weekdays. Please text me only if interested in seeing and playing the Dobro guitar. Robert Fisher 805-405-3553. Images are shown below.
The auction will run from Mar 24, 2023 thru 10:00 pm April 15, 2023.  The winner will be displayed on this site when the auction closes.
The Bids will be displayed anonymously below.  Email your bids to Mary Zangerle at or  Received bids will be posted in the table twice daily around 10 am and 10 pm.  The date and time on your email will be the date and time of your bide.  The opening bid is set at $750.
03/20/2023 Opening Bid $750