Anne Redstone

From husband Chris Brazonis.
Longtime Songmaker Anne Redstone moved on Sept. 30, 2021.  Together, we celebrated her
89th birthday Sept. 19th, about a month after a serious fall.
Her age, fall, and other health issues were too much to overcome.  Anne would tell you she was
happiest singing and clogging her wooden horse at hoots and campouts, organizing them,
serving on the Board, and helping so many as a licensed mental health therapist…  until we met
and fell in love 27 years ago.
Really, Songmakers and singing made me second fiddle, and I was just so lucky to be in there
somewhere.  Anne sang on the Ed Sullivan Show, backup in the studio for a major folk group,
and toured Europe with Songs of Earth and with the Torrance Choral. Right up to nearly her
passing, she was singing and harmonizing with members of her former Acapella Jam group.
Anne will always be a part of her 4 kids, grandkids, friends and family, and one husband so very
fortunate to have shared so many wonderful years.
Sing on, dance on, folk music camp on dearest Anne.

From her daughter Janet Rothstein:

She was always compassionate, sacrificing & supportive.  I’m grateful that she made it to her 89th birthday party.  It took her 4 minutes to understand how to blow out the candles.  So adorable! 

I have faith that when this terrible last trip is over, her spirit can fly again where there’s always music & laughter, and she will be free.