Ann Howitt

Long time member, Ann Howitt, passed away on February 7, 2018.  Ann had been actively involved in Songmakers in a number of ways throughout the years. She found Songmakers through her guitar teacher, Alice Parkinson, a former hoot leader for the West Valley Hoot. One of Alice’s requirements for class participation was to take what you lea"rn and play it for others (i.e. go to Hoots and play your guitar). Ann continued to do that with much enjoyment. She served as a board member, Bard Chord Editor (back in the days of white boards, cut and paste), Hoot Chairman for Phee Sherline (when there was such a thing) and Membership Chairman. Ann hosted the North Country Hoot for several years when she lived in Northridge. She was part of the Desert Wind Trio along with Kay Conroy and Bob Kroll. She enjoyed hosting House Concerts at her home. Even after her hip problem and while using a walker, she would drive herself to Ventura for jams.


Ann sang lead in the Desert Wind Trio with Bob Kroll and Kay Conroy.

They performed together for over 20 years at various events and venues.





Above – Bess Hawes and Ann Howitt.  

Here is Ann Howitt performing with Gary Lynch and Rayn.

Gary Lynch published on July 29, 2008. Written by Rayn and performed by:
Rayn, Lead Vocal and Guitar
Ann Howitt, Harmony Vocal
Gary Lynch, Bass

Copyright @2006; all rights reserved
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Listen to Ann Howitt perform Tennessee Road, a song by Melonie Cannon:

A memory from her good friend Kay Conroy –

Ann was very proud of another trio she sang in called the Dear Companions with Mary Lou Steed and me (Kay Conroy.)   At the urging of Steve Durfee, he helped us produce a CD with 21 songs called The Dear Companions. Ann was very proud that each trio (in separate years) won first place in Harmony Singing at a Banjo Fiddle Contest.

A memory from Larry Builach Wilder – 

Ann’s favorite Christmas song was Mary’s  Boy Child. She and I met outside Alice Parkinson’s house. It was the first hoot for both of us. Her name was Karbiner, I think. Very nice person. Fellow schoolteacher. Embodied the SM essence of allowing others to nurture her and v/v.
The SM bedrock trait of nurturing singers and players is precious. You could right away see Ann was strong and present in her character and love–and that she loved the music. Like all us, she benefited from the encouragement and music lab for experimentation.

Ann, the leader and organizer she was, took her love and care to hosting events, as you know. As a teacher myself (I still sub when we school comes back round), it seemed to me that Ann’s students were lucky to have her in their lives.

Mary’s Boy Child is my favorite of all the Holiday tunes I do. [Did 19 Holiday shows in ’19.] Very natural type tune. Reminds us of a good SM singalong.