During the year,  Songmakers enjoy weekend campouts, retreats and other special events that provide extended opportunities to share music and socialize in beautiful natural settings. Some are official Songmaker events and others we just participate in.  Examples are Songmakers Corner at the Annual Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest, Kenney Grove Campouts in Fillmore, annual summer club picnics, annual “Roundup” membership meeting and concert showcase, etc.  Events will be posted below as the dates are determined.


March 21-24 : reserve Tuesday 9/26/2023

May 2 – 5 : reserve Tuesday 11/7/2023

May 30-June 2 : reserve Tuesday 12/5/2023

Oct 17-20 : reserve Tuesday 4/23/2024

To make reservations up to 6 months in advance, go to , click on Camping & RV at the top, Select Kenney Grove Park and find your site. 

When you make a reservation, if you have a Facebook account, please let us know via the Songmakers Camping News and Discussion group. This link should take you directly there.

Please ask to join by clicking on the appropriate button there. There are Events set up for each KG camp out. Please let us know that you are coming and which site you’ll be in, if you’re comfortable with that. The contents of this Facebook group are not visible to the general public, only to those who are fellow members. 


Kenny Grove Campground is in the middle of this photo to the right of the pine trees near the base of the mountains

Sally Charette

These photos were taken by Chuck Behrman and Mary Zangerle at Kenney Grove Campout in October 2022.