Special Events

All Songmakers in-person gatherings are DARK until further notice in compliance with current federal, state and county mandates. Even if said mandates are lifted, the board voted that all Songmakers in-person events will remain officially DARK or tentative thru 2022. This difficult decision is made easier only by our love and concern for all our members and your families. Music brought us together, and music will help sustain us during this difficult time..

In normal times,  Songmakers enjoy weekend campouts, retreats and other special events that provide extended opportunities to share music and socialize in beautiful natural settings. Some are official Songmaker events and others we just participate in.  Examples are Songmakers Corner at the Annual Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest, Kenney Grove Campouts in Fillmore, annual summer club picnics, annual “Roundup” membership meeting and concert showcase, etc.  Events will be posted below as the dates are determined.

2022 (tentative)

March 31 – April 3 – Spring Break Kenney Grove Campouts

May 19 – 22 – Memorial Day Weekend Kenney Grove Campouts

June 9  – 12 – Summer Camp Kenney Grove Campouts

October 13 – 16 – Fall Out Kenney Grove Campouts


2021 (tentative)

July 29 – August 1 – Summer Camp

Sept 2 – 6 –  Labor Day Weekend

October 14 – 17 – Fall Out