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Kenney Grove campouts are currently unofficial Songmaker events officially considered DARK because there is no way to control who chooses to be in our spaces / song circles in any public place.  Kenney Grove is a public campground where anyone is free to camp and there are no county rules that say someone must be vaccinated to camp there.  Many Songmakers graciously host song circles at their campsites.  This personal campsite space is similar to inviting Songmakers and anyone passing by to come into your yard for a song circle.  Many campsite hosts have expressed a desire to have vaccinated only Songmakers at their campsite.  Although it is outside, some campsites have limited seating space and often end up with many people in close proximity singing.  Some campsite hosts at future Kenney Grove campouts may choose to designate for vaccinated participants only with host posted signs to that effect.  While most tend to depend on the honor system about vaccine status, be prepared to prove you are vaccinated if asked.  Our Songmakers demographic is mostly in the high-risk age category, and many have pre-existing conditions.  However, that doesn’t mean some very inconsiderate people feel they have a right to impose themselves on others.  Now that breakthrough infections are happening and news reports say that our covid vaccination antibodies are starting to fall, we have an obligation to make our camping experience as healthy as possible for everyone. 

Thanks for your understanding.

In normal times,  Songmakers enjoy weekend campouts, retreats and other special events that provide extended opportunities to share music and socialize in beautiful natural settings. Some are official Songmaker events and others we just participate in.  Examples are Songmakers Corner at the Annual Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest, Kenney Grove Campouts in Fillmore, annual summer club picnics, annual “Roundup” membership meeting and concert showcase, etc.  Events will be posted below as the dates are determined.

2022 (tentative)

March 31 – April 3 – Spring Break Kenney Grove Campouts

May 19 – 22 – Memorial Day Weekend Kenney Grove Campouts

June 9  – 12 – Summer Camp Kenney Grove Campouts

October 13 – 16 – Fall Out Kenney Grove Campouts

Past Events


2021 (un-official)

Kenney Grove Campout – October 14 – 17 – Fall Out