Richard Conroy


Above – Georgia and Richard Conroy

Richard Fredrick Conroy

SEPTEMBER 17, 1936 – NOVEMBER 9, 2021

From Georgia Conroy:

I could say that Richard and I met because of El Condor Pasa – the first song we ever played together.  (Later, it became “our song” for rest of our 20 years together.)  Because the melody was sweet and lively, I instantly felt the magic of our flute and autoharp combined with his gravely voice and Celtic touch.  He taught himself to play and sing by ear, and loved the naturalness that came from playing for the joy and ease of it all.  This also meant that he disliked practicing, which seemed defeating to me. And yet, in spite of our differences, I ended up loving the music we crafted together more than any other way to play music.  Richard was truly a great person to be with – he was a modest, witty man, and very smart.  A talented watercolorist and product designer for more than 30 years, and just a really nice person.  What else can I say?  That he was helpful to the core, never invited trouble, and a true gentleman?  Yes, I would say he was, most of the time.  But it was music that drew me to him, and our condor.  I love you, Richard, and miss you terribly.