Ken Graydon

Ken Graydon

Long-time Songmaker Ken Graydon died July 30, 2010 of metastasized melanoma, possibly the result of being a red-head working outdoors all his life. 

His first three albums, Windmill, Elissa, Spread Your Wings and Coyote Special were issued on tape. They are now available on CD. His last album, …The Way I Heard It… is still available.
All CDs are sold for $10.00 + $5.00 s/h.

His book, …The Way I Heard it, the Book… is available for $15 + $6.00 s/h.
Contact: to purchase or say hello.

“Additionally,” says Phee: “ his last concert with Ken Wilcox and Bruce Huntington at home on May 21 was recorded and a double CD set was made. It’s very nice and soon more copies will be available and will be sold at cost–as soon as we discover what that is. My hope is Ken’s music will be heard for years to come”

← Click to hear “Ken’s Song”, a tribute to Ken written by Rayn Cumiskey
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