Directions for sending photos:

Put your pictures in a folder

Using Chrome or Opera go to: and use the -ADD FOLDER-, then -Send Now- buttons.
You may send one folder at a time, absolutely free if you don't select any optional items (receipts, tracking, etc.)
If it's bigger than 100MB, either break it up into less than 100MB folders or mail a CD.
To see how big a folder is, right-click on it and select properties (Windows).

If you don't have Chrome you may get it at:

If for some reason you do not want Chrome and want to use Internet Explorer, it does not support folder-level access to your file system, therefore you need to make the folder into a single file.
To do that:
1) Put the photos you wish to send in a folder
2) Right-Click (Windows)** on that folder and select -Send to compressed folder-
That will create a file named which may be attached to an email if it's small or sent via
** For MAC - Right-click or ctrl-click the file or folder of files and choose Compress or Create Archive.

If you are sending pictures to be put in a gallery or slide-show, and you send full-size pictures just as they come from your camera, then we can respond to requests for Hi-res or red-eye removed versions. If you do re-size them to make them easier to transmit, leave them at least 1024X768 or so.