Roundup 2018

February 24, 2018 – 1:30 pm

Attention members – – – There is a last minute location change!!!
We will NOT be meeting at the Church of the Chimes due to a date conflict on their part.
We will now be meeting at:

Somis Community Church
3300 West St.
Somis CA 93066

Thanks go to Pastor Gary Jayne and his wife Cindy for offering their church to us!

This is a potluck dinner, board election and performance festivity that cannot be missed!The format will be very similar to the Saturday Night Concerts held at the various campouts. There will be a sign-up sheet with slots for audience participation/group songs, and more opportunities for everyone to participate in the event.

We now have approximately 7 hoots and 10-12 Song Circles per month, depending on whether it’s an odd or even month or if there’s a 5th Saturday, so if you can’t get to all of them, this is the festivity to attend. Come and meet all those wonderful people who open their homes for us to make beautiful music, and meet and hear some folks that only go to hoots and song circles that you don’t attend.

Performers may be an individual or a group. The sign-up sheet will request your name(s), the song, which Hoot(s) you attend and every 4th entry on the sign-up list will be a group/audience participation song. Participants may sign up one time with one song. Then, after everyone signs up, if there are vacant spaces, you may sign up for a second turn.


1:30 – Event starts. Sign-up sheet for concert is available

2:00 – 6:00 – Performance concert, election, items for sale on back tables. Certificates of appreciation given out during last hour

6:30 – potluck dinner followed by 2 song circles

9:30 – Cleanup

We’ll be using condenser “area” microphones rather than individual ones, reducing setup time so we can have more performances.

All performers must wear nametags, which will be given out at Roundup, showing that their memberships are valid at least through 2018. You may pay your dues at the Roundup if you haven’t already sent them in by then.

Additionally, we’ll have tables for musical items you may wish to sell, trade, donate, give away any and all music related items, ie  – including instruments, CDs, music books, kazoos, records, etc. Please provide your own signs.

Most importantly, we will conduct the Songmaker Board of Directors Elections for 2018 to select the wonderful folks who donate their time and energy to make all our events so much fun and successful.

As usual, the Songmakers’ board will provide dessert, and beverages for the event.BRING ENOUGH FOOD FOR 10 – 12 PEOPLE, main courses, side dishes, veggies, etc. in disposable containers if possible.

If you have any questions, please call Andy Gelencser or email