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2018 Round-up Review

New Venue
The location for Roundup on February 24th was held at Somis Community Church, a new location for us. The facilities were perfect with the sanctuary used for the concert, a green room, a kitchen/eating area and plenty of room for jamming.

Roundup Concert
The event started at 2:00 with an afternoon concert in the church’s sanctuary by the wonderful talent represented by the various song circles and hoots in Songmakers. The church even provided their own sound man leaving some of our key members free to enjoy the concert. Dana Charette did an awesome job of emceeing the concert with his impersonation of Groucho Marx.

The following are the members who performed for us at the concert:
Ken Krupnik, Sympatico Music (Bob Bueling & Pat Cronin), Eva Schwerb, Mission Oaks Song Circle, Dale Carter & Linda Moore, Rufus T. Firfly, Simon Lucas, Bryan Chow, Mike & Mary Zangerle, Doug Kerr & Linda Szitkar, Joe Conversino, Sam Gross, Bill Johnson, Jack Zigray, Agoura Hills Song Circle, Bell Arts Song Circle, Arnie Gordon, Steve Linsky, Lien Borg, Camarillo Song Circle, Jerome Rubin, Steve Berman & Sandy Lessner, Dave Gilman, East Valley Hoot, Thousand Oaks Hoot, Linnae Richards and Camarillo Hoot.

New Board Members
Voting for the new board members took place throughout the afternoon. The new board members who were voted in were Bill Johnson, Sam Gross and Linnea Richards.

Following the concert, our president Steve Berman awarded the following members for their behind the scene contributions to our club.
1. Don Truby – For many years of presenting the well-attended Songwriting Workshops at our musical camping weekends at Kenney Grove Park in Fillmore.
2. Mary Zangerle – or continuing service as a Board Member, Bard Chord Assistant Editor, and keeping us connected as our new innovative Webmistress
3. Janice Gelencser – For years of service to Songmakers as Music in the Mountains Committee Leader, hoot and musical campout leader, Concert Mistress of Ceremonies, Recording Secretary, Board Member and to the folk music community as the cofounder of the Gelencser House Concerts
4. Patty Quintana – For 13 more years (since her last certificate), as a Hoot Hostess, Board Member, Roundup Chairperson and the Musical Mistress of the Kitchen
5. Simon Lucas – For several decades as a Hoot Host and Leader, concert Master of Ceremonies, Board Member, Elections Chair, Music Campout Coordinator and our current Vice-President

No one goes hungry at our Songmaker potlucks.

Finally, it was time for jamming with two great song circles that took us all the way till about 10:00. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped to make this year’s Round-Up a big success.

What’s Next
Do you have any suggestions for next year? Do you want to be part of next year’s plans as part of the newly formed Roundup Committee? You can email at gelencser.andy

Andy Gelencser

Round Up 2018

Well, gang, we’ve had to change the venue for RoundUp 2018. Congregational Church of the Chimes scheduled a fundraiser for Sat, Feb 24. Despite our long history renting from them, they offered us Sunday 2/25 instead, with no discount for breaking their verbal agreement for the 24th (and admitted there might be insufficient parking the 1st few hours).

Your board has voted instead to accept an alternative that allows us to keep RoundUp on our scheduled date. That generous offer came from Pastor Gary Jayne of the Somis Community Church at 3300 West St, Somis 93066. You can google the church name for pics and see their website

Pastor Gary and his lovely wife Cindy, who is a fine pianist, have been friends of Songmakers for years. They host the “Taco Tuesdays” Song Circle during the warm months in their facility. Except for being North of our geographic center, it seems ideal, with ample parking, a kitchen, large auditorium seating up to 200, a locked instrument room, and a green room with external entrance to the stage area.

Gary offered to rent for whatever we could afford. We voted to pay $450 for RoundUp 2018, $300 less than renting the Church of the Chimes, 40 miles South. I apologize to our Southern members for the extra 40 minute drive this year, and we will try to migrate South next year, if any of you can solicit offers from South LA County. The board is disappointed with the Church of the Chimes’ failure to honor their commitment to us.

Thanks everyone for all you bring to our club. Let’s have a fabulous RoundUp to start a wonderful year of music – Songmakers style! All Hoots and Song Circles are encouraged to perform a group song, and bring a picture-board of your members singing their hearts out! The best is yet to come!! For more info: